Clean Your Clothes From Color Stains

Clean your clothes from color stains:

Just one small color handkerchief or tie or socks and cause your white clothes to turn into color. Check out this article to get rid of color stains from clothes and avoid future incidents. Say no to incidents, say no to existing color stains!

If you are wondering how you can clean your clothes from stains then you are in right place. You can use oxygen bleach. Oxygen bleach reacts to stains by creating bubbles that encounter stains. This product can be very handy and deliver the excellent performance in removing stains. Whenever you use the product always check the label for instructions, test the solution in a small area first. It is necessary to read instruction because some products are made to leave the garment to soak and some products advise to rinse in a cool water and wash it as you do normally.

You can also use commercial products to remove stains from clothes. But don’t forget to read the instructions. Use commercial products according to its instructions. Always test solution on a small area first, then you can wash, dry or soak as you do normally.

Cause of Color stains:

The problems of color bleed clothes can be very annoying, but do you know you can easily prevent it to happen? This color runs problems happens because you dye is loose and not colorfast. Remember, some days, like blue, red and difficult to fix. Always check manufacturer warnings on your garments before washing it. Some garment company advises to wash the garment separately so if you wash that garment with others, it might run out color, beware of that. Always perform sort washing and places strong colors together and follow the manufacture’s instruction on the care label. This problem also occurs when you are washing on a high temperature. Wash strong colors at a lower temperature to avoid color stains.

Remove color stains from clothes:

when dealing with stains you need to know what kind of garment you are dealing with whether it;s silk, cotton, wool, or synthetic. before doing anything, check the care label of your garment and read the instruction carefully , then follow these steps:

SILK Clothes:

Silk is incredibly delicate, you must use appropriate deterrent even if you are dealing with tiny little stain. Remember, soak the whole garment to avoid water spotting. Sometimes stubborn stains are better treated at the dry cleaners.

Wool clothes:

There are many detergents that are designed for wool. If you use commercial products, it will damage your wall. Make sure you are using an appropriate detergent. If necessary, then contact the professionals for specialist stain treatment.

cotton clothes:

The best thing of cotton cloth is its durability. It means you can use various of techniques without having the worries of the damaging garment.


Synthetic fabric is most durable, so you can be quite firm when you are dealing with stains. You can use a regular detergent that contains enzymes, but using harsh chemicals like bleach are not a recommended. You can also use specific products just make sure you are using safe stain remover for synthetic use.

Key tips:

1: always read the care label to determine what kind of method is suitable for your garments.

2: do not let your machine dry or ironing your clothes until you completely get rid of color stains.

3: always tackle your clothes stains as soon as possible.