Cleaning Methods To Clean Your Refrigerator


Best cleaning methods to clean your refrigerator

Refrigerator needs to be clean because it carries your food, maintaining and cleaning a refrigerator can be a Daunting task because probably it is the hardest appliance in the house. And if you have a hard time to clean Your refrigerator, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going through every necessary method of Cleaning refrigerator.


Remove all the foods and other junks

You need to remove all food items every time you perform this task, even when you are using natural products, it will Not only to save your food, but also makes your task so easier. Always perform cleaning in the empty refrigerator, so you Can survey the damage easily and it also stops the possibility of contamination.


Take out all removable surface areas, shelving and drawers

You will probably want to take out those parts, the best place for these parts is in "basin". Before you start wiping or Rinsing, fill a basin with warm water and add some dishwashing soap and leave these parts for a while to soak.


Wiping magic

You can use commercial products or combination of dishwashing soap with warm water to wipe all your surface areas. Make sure you choose the microfiber cloth or a good quality sponge, sometimes unsuitable piece of cloth can fall apart And leave little particles in the elements. For stains, make a thick paste of baking soda with water and place it on stain and Leave it for an hour, after that, wipe it with sponge or cloth, baking soda should loosen the stain and make it easy to Vanish.


Cleaning gasket

Cleaning the gasket is very easy, all you need is a dissolved solution of 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar. Wait for the gasket to dry Completely then apply a lemon oil, baby lotion or mineral oil to keep the rubber supple.


Dealing with water filter

Gently throw out all excess debris in the waste bin from the water filter. Now use dishwashing solution to soak every side of Water filter and leaves it in that way for 10 minutes. After this, rinsing your water filter with the clean water until The water runs clear. Once it's done, wait for the water filter to dry completely, then place it, back into position.

warning: do not use hard pressure, it can damage your water filter.
Don't forget the exterior

Try to move your refrigerator forward so you can see all the sides. Take a clean towel or microfiber cloth with Multipurpose cleaner and scrub it gently or you can use products which are specifically made to clean electric appliances.
key steps:

  • Remove all the food item, this is helping to clean every corner.
  • Take out all removable elements and soak in warm water and dishwashing solution.
  • Always use a microfiber cloth or sponge with a liquid solution to clean interior.
  • Clean gaskets with a solution of water and vinegar, then use baby oil, lemon oil or mineral oil to keep rubber supple.
  • Soak every corner with the dishwashing solution, then rinsing in clean water. Change your water filter every 6
  • Use the clean towel with multi purpose cleaner and wipe it gently.