Home Cleaning Services

Questions you should ask before hiring home cleaning services

Hiring a home cleaning service can be very tricky. In this modern period of time, you have thousands of options it is a very daunting task to find a better match for your house and most of the people don’t ask the right questions and get off the track. But don’t worry, we are providing you some guidelines that you should keep that in mind before hiring cleaning professionals.

Bonded and fully insured:

Asking about bonded contractor and insured coverage is generally the most important thing to do. Let just say, if someone injured during the servicing your house and they are not insured by the company, then the claim gets filed against your home insurance. It is important to hire bonded, insured and licensed workers.

Employees or sub-contractor ?

Many consumers do not know if independent employee giving them cleaning services and don’t pay their own withholding, the person or the company might be responsible for that person. If a company hires someone, a company legally gives every necessary training, insure them, keep an eye on their taxes and provide care and complete control over the job. If you are dealing with sub-contractor then you should ask more questions about their training, qualifications, their payroll taxes and liability and also ask for the proper documentation.

Equipments and tools:

There are plenty of tools like (Windex on granite countertops, microfiber, Green cleaning,) etc. finds the company who provides all of their equipment and tools otherwise it will cost you hundreds of dollars in a year for cleaning services.

Breakage/damage policy:

You need to make sure, what if they break or damage something in your house. Sometimes even the most professionals and conscientious workers can be responsible for breakage. The question is what they will do if breakage happen?. Some legitimate companies offer to replace the item immediately after discussing the resolution. Do not forget to ask about breakage and damage policy.

Team and visit:

It is also an important question to ask because some companies make crew changes often and this is not a good sign for your house. Make sure they send the same team every time.

Written checklist:

Don’t you think it is extremely important to know what exactly you are paying for? If that’s so, ask your workers to give you details of work in written. This will save you potential grief if you get all the specifications in written.


What if you get too busy? Or you are going somewhere very important? Is it alright to give keys to the company? Giving your keys to a complete stranger, it terrifies you, right? Do not give keys unless the company takes the full responsibility of security. Discuss this with the company until you fully satisfy.

Pre-screen employment testing:

Obviously, you are not letting anyone come inside your home without knowing them, right? Due to today’s world, this is a legendary question that you cannot afford to forget. Ask the company about their pre-screen employment testing. Make sure they checked criminal background checks, drug screening, and references.

Guaranteed quality work:

What if you don’t like the cleaning? Always ask this question to the company. Some reputable companies are willing to give your money back or come back immediately and fix your problems and ensure your complete satisfaction.


Find out, who is a team leader and get his cell number.
Ask about MSDS of every product they are using.

Always discuss the budget in the startup.

If you feel any type of inappropriate behavior, call the company immediately.

Check all the documents carefully. Like (insurance certificate, bonded contracts, licensed,) etc.