How To Clean A Sofa Tips And Tricks

Wondering how to Clean a Sofa whether it is fabric or leather? Cleaning your sofa can be tricky because you cannot put an entire sofa in the washing machine. The sofa is one of the most difficult items to clean, and you may damage the shine of your sofa or its fabric by doing the wrong methods. So, we brought you some tricks and tips that will help you clean your sofa.

Get ready for pre-cleaning :

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean any surface debris or any other particles. Make sure you reach out any possible crevices.

Remove cushions and vacuum the base of the sofa. Sometimes there are spots that contain heavy dust, to clean

those spots, take a bristle brush and rub over those spots vigorously then clean up the released dust with the vacuum.

If you have a pet, then use lint roller because the normal vacuum cleaner will not be able to clean lint or pet hair, work

vertically and horizontally over the surface to ensure you don't miss any hair. If your sofa has exposed parts, then you

need to give attention to them, find an appropriate product then use a clean towel with a solution on it and rub over

those exposed parts.

Start with Upholstery :

Before you start cleaning, you need to find out what kind of fabric you are dealing with, you can easily find out by reading their tags. Tags usually have instructions. Read instructions carefully, then find out which method is right for your material.

Some tags and their description are given below:


"W”   This tag means, you can use the steam vacuum with water-based detergent.

"S"   this tag means, use only a dry cleaning detergent.

“WS” This tag means, dry-cleaning detergent or steam vacuum with water-based detergent is both appropriate.

"O"   This tag means, your material is organic and should be washed with cold water.

"X"   This tag means, either call a professional service for shampooing or you can use bristle brush and vacuum.


Use a strong microfiber cloth with vinegar poured on it and apply this over any stains, and wipes it gently until it's gone. For overall cleaning, use a microfiber cloth with soapy water and gently wipe your sofa, allowing it to dip into the fabric and tackle the dirt underneath the surface. Remember, it is favorable for your sofa to dry naturally, some people use a hair dryer, but it is not recommendable if you want to pace things up, just open the windows and let the breeze do its work.

Dealing with fabric sofa :

First, you need to find out which cleaning product is suitable for your material. To do that, make a solution of water and cleaning detergent, find an inconspicuous area to test upholstery cleaning product, apply the solution over the spot and leave it for 10 minutes, after that, take a towel and press it over the spot to see if any of the fabric dye comes off of it. And if you don't find any discoloration then you are good to go.


To apply shampoo to the sofa, use the nozzle in front of sofa fabric and hold down the button to release the solution you poured in the tank, keeping the button depressed and keep moving in a systematic way to ensure that you apply shampoo to the entire sofa. After that, move the nozzle over the surface to absorb excess detergent back into the vacuum by releasing the button that applies the shampoo.


Dealing with leather sofa  :

Cleaning leather sofa, treat and clean your upholstery with a different method. Try to use steam cleaner instead of water because water could stain the material. Always use the cleaning products made with oil and waxes, like saddle soap, it will defend your furniture from future stains and dirt and it will also moisturize your furniture and prevent it from cracking and drying out.


key tips :

1: When you use a bristle brush, do not rub it hard enough, it might damage the fabric of your material.

2: always read tags, before start cleaning your upholstery.

3: read all the instructions of the product, before applying it to your fabric.

4: make sure you use products made with oils and waxes.

5: Never use a new cleaner in an obvious place.