How To Clean Your Floor

How to clean your floor:

Floor cleaning is one of the basic things we all do first when we clean our homes. It’s not too Difficult to deal with the floor dirt or sticky stains, litter and obstructions on the floor but ourselves Need to be very careful when we are going to clean it. Your Tiles may be resistant to dirt, but you Can easily get rid away from this stuff. It is also a major occupation for cleaners throughout the World to clean floors. It is also necessary to clean your floor to prevent injuries from slipping on A dirty floor. There are different types of floor cleaning. So there are some of the following steps.

1: First, we talk about wood floor. Wood flooring may require different care. So first clear the area like furniture and other stuff from the floor, If you’re claiming any of those things too, clean them first. That way, if any debris falls on the floor, then Sweep or vacuum the same area. Place the cleaner of your choice into the bucket and fill with enough warm water to cover the head of the mop completely. Do not use water for lacquered or shellacked floors. Dip the mop in the bucket and let them absorb the cleaner. Start it from the corner of the room, then clean all the room with it when you have done a small area or you think that your mob is dirty enough, dip it again in the bucket and start again in the next area.

2: Then tiles flooring, which is common in bathrooms and stairs. First, clean the dust or debris with a vacuum cleaner or broom. Put floor cleaning solution or cleaner on the floor. After spraying the solution use a mop to clean floors thoroughly. Then Let the mapped area dry thoroughly. Opening up doors or windows for circulation. It will speed the process.

3: Your kitchen floor is likely made from one of the following materials that are vinyl or ceramic tile. The most common kitchen flooring surface, vinyl is also very easy to clean and maintain. But it’s important, however, you should clean the dirt or stain as soon because it may leave the marks on the floor. Sweep the area, make sure to flush dirt from corners and under cabinets. Then simply clean your floor with the mob and water, if the dirt remains there use some appropriate detergent or cleaner for the floor and use a soft cloth to scrub the floor. Allow the floor to dry completely. Make sure the floor is dry before resuming it.