How To Clean Your Mugs From Tea And Coffee Stains

Many peoples have struggled to remove tea stains from mugs and they use many Harsh chemicals and bleach, what if we told you that you don’t have to use chemicals And bleach? we brought you a guide that will help you to get rid away from tea and Coffee stains from mugs by using a very simple method.

After decades of drinking coffee or tea from your favorite mug, you may have started To notice the brown stains inside your mug and it won’t get removed easily, it might Freaks you out. Even if you cleaned and sanitized in the dishwasher it still remains the Same, and you probably feel embarrassed in front of your guests.

Here is the quite simple way to clean your mugs from stains, all you need is:

* water

* white vinegar

* baking soda

* salt

* soft cloths

let’s begin, by doing these simple four steps, you’ll end up with sparkly clean mugs.

1: rinse your mug as usual to remove any dirt or particles.

2: now we are going to use baking soda and salt. These products are mildly abrasive, They will help you to encounter

the stain. Take a sponge, add some baking soda and Salt on it, nor scrub the stain with the sponge gently.

3: if you are still not able to see the difference, then make an equal paste of white vinegar And salt, apply the paste using the sponge and scrub the surface until the stain is completed Removed.

4: after that, rinse, and wash again your mug with liquid or dishwashing if needed.

Why would you take risks with your health or get paranoid every morning? 

Dealing with bleach or other harsh chemicals can be a bad sign for your health. Chemicals affect your body gradually and how can you not be paranoid by knowing You are drinking bleach or chemicals? Why to waste money or take risks, when Vinegar, salt, and baking soda works so well and so quickly?

Following my methods will let you appreciate having nice and sparkly clean mugs when You go to make coffee or tea and it will not let you paranoid about drinking chemicals Or bleach.

Key tip:

1. it is good to fill hot water in a mug with white vinegar and let it soak for 10 minutes before start washing.

2. always pay attention to newly stain and give them a quick scrub. Newly stains are easy to remove.

3. it is better to wash your mugs right after you drink tea/coffee, it will avoid staining and other marks.

4. do not use chemical products that are not certified.