How To Naturally Deodorize Your Home Even If You Have Allergies

For homeowners with allergies, it can be difficult to deodorize your home. One way or another, deodorizers – even the ones that are homemade – can cause unpleasant allergic reactions. We have listed ideas on how you can leave your home smelling great with these safe deodorizing tips.



Yes, we mean vodka, on old clothes. Spray a small amount on your old clothes to kill the bacteria. Bonus: it doesn’t leave a scent and it doesn’t irritate the …read more

Spring Cleaning 2016 – Get Your Home Back In Shape

Seasonal change is universally expected. When you hear about spring, what comes to mind is the budding flowers, sunshine, Easter, and of course, spring cleaning. How’s your home doing so far after winter? Dreaded as it may be, spring cleaning is necessary in every American home. Here are 4 tips on how to bring back your home in shape after the harsh winter season.


Gutter And Sprouts

Although the majority has reported on accidents occurring while cleaning their gutters, …read more

Your Quick Guide To Get New Carpeting

By simply installing a new carpet, you can add a new vibe to your home. You have to make a lot of choices such as moving furniture and how long will the process take. So whether you hire a professional or perform a DIY project, take note of these quick new carpeting installation tips that might come in handy.

Move Your Furniture

Before you install new carpeting, make sure that you haul the furniture out first. This will need more …read more

How To Prepare Your Home For The Messy Super Bowl 50 Party

Before you bring out the ice cold beer and football-shaped snacks, prepare your home with these super easy hacks.


Install Rugs And Carpets

Begin by spill-proofing your home. Choose rugs and carpets that are inexpensive where you can just dispose or easily wash. You can also cover your furniture with slip covers to avoid any damages due to spill stains.


Clear Your Screen

Spray the glass-tube screen with a window cleaner and lightly wipe off with a soft …read more

What Are Households Looking For In Cleaning Products This 2016?

Every year, more and more American households are hooked with the latest home cleaning products. Home cleaning is a chore that you can’t just leave behind. Whether you like it or not, using cleaning products is a necessity. Want to know what households are looking for from cleaning products this year? Read on.



Because we live in a generation where every tick of the clock matters, cleaning products should not be time-consuming. This means that cleaning products should …read more

How To Organize Your Home After A Holiday Hangover

Party’s over! After all the decorating, socializing, and eating, you can’t help but feel lethargic. Organizing your home after the holidays is not an exciting agenda, but do you have a choice? We understand you – that’s why we put up solutions for you to organize your home despite the holiday hangover. Get started by:

Getting Rid Of Clutter

This includes disposing any unwanted gifts you’ve received for Christmas. Yes, we understand that it’s the thought that counts, but if …read more

Get Your 2016 Home Cleaning Planner For Free!

With the year 2016 just around the corner, it’s time to get organized with your home cleaning schedule. Smart Cleaning Services will give away a FREE Home Cleaning Planner! Download this limited copy now. Here’s what to expect.


Checklist, And More Checklists

Using checklists, especially for cleaning, comes with benefits. Among these benefits include being reminded of the simple steps that we most often forget. From emptying out the trash to polishing the floors, a cleaning checklist will ensure …read more

Is Your Home Completely Ready For Santa?

This is the time to welcome the Yuletide season. Is Your Home Completely Ready For Santa? How is your home doing? Don’t worry – you’ve still got a few days to clean and decorate your home.



Are you hosting this year’s Christmas party? Then your kitchen is definitely the busiest part of your home. Here are some actionable tasks you can do to prepare your kitchen for Christmas.

a. Take out your best glassware for festive drinks. Are …read more

Are Your Cleaning Products Affecting Your Health?

In a report made by the U.S. Poison Control Center, cleaning products are among the most toxic products found in the home. Through inhalation, ingestion, or direct contact, these chemicals can cause major respiratory problems or worse, cancer. Keep your family safe from the hazards of cleaning products with these simple reminders.



Did you know that there are two classifications of bacteria? The good bacteria and the bad bacteria. Biologically speaking, we can’t survive …read more

#iHOPE Gala 2015

#iHOPE Gala 2015

Smart Cleaning Services , along with its pursuit towards sustainable Global Corporate Social Responsibility, now supports the 10th year anniversary of CDRS (Comprehensive Disaster Response Services) this coming November 28 2015, Saturday (7:00 PM – 11:00 PM) at Bombay Tandoor, 8603 Westwood Center Dr, Vienna, VA, USA.


Over the years, CDRS founded by Todd Shea has been operating globally in efforts to provide immediate aid and assistance to disaster-struck areas, primarily in the form of healthcare services.


This year, participants’ …read more